Get more work done while shrinking student debt

Smart Companies.

An Undebted Workforce.

Better Communities.

About Us

Shared Harvest believes that everyone has a cause that they want to champion. Yet, with the burden of student debt, many talented professionals struggle with mental and financial instability. They can’t find the time (and can’t afford) to do pro bono work. Until now.  We created this unique platform that offers the “Mindful Hustle” : A more mindful approach to student debt relief.

The Economic Truth

67% of millennials in the workforce reported feeling distracted, disengaged and depressed, leaving their jobs in search for greener pastures every 2-3 years. This costs US companies $600 billion in lost productivity.

At the same time, 74% of workers say they care about financial security and having a meaningful impact, while volunteer rates decline and nonprofits struggle to find reliable professional help to fill the gap.

Shared Harvest has a solution.

And the majority of the cost is tax-deductable.

Employees, Freelancers and Students can find opportunities to volunteer away their student load debt.

We do all the heavy lifting, project management, and payment processing.   Small and medium size companies benefit from having a student loan rewards program to attract great employees, new community-corporate partnerships, and meet CSR benchmarks while helping to solve the largest economic problem facing a generation.   

Shared Harvest Fund aligns its projects with the UN Sustainable Developmental Goals for 2030 doing our part to spread good in the world one project at a time.

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