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A Volunteer Skills-Matching SaaS Tool offering Student Debt Relief, Reward and Repayment Credits through one easy platform.

Increase Your Triple-Bottom Line

A Win Win Win Strategy

Our Student Debt Rewards program is an exciting new approach to corporate social impact.  For a small investment, companies use our SaaS technology to create and fund their own Harvest Pool.  Employees register on our platform as brand ambassadors and are rewarded relief credits for service projects they do on their free time.  We provide the project management, promote your brand and process credits to their lender. Win. Win. Win. 

Measurable Impact

Increase your company’s social footprint while making student debt reduction a THING!

How It Works

Authentic Employee Engagement Matters


Uses culturally competent machine learning to design and manage service projects for employees.


Integrates with other VMS. Tracking impact based performance goals and custom CSR metrics.

Debt Reduction

Our fintech wallet keeps track of reward stipends and applies credits directly towards student loans.  No extra HR work!

The Future of Workforce Wellbeing

Employees who identify financial insecurity as a stress impacting their productivity.
Employees who want to engage in more meaningful impact.
Employees who would stay at a job longer if it helped pay down student debt.
Companies who see a benefit to aligning corporate culture with social impact.

Worth The Investment

Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Culture (ROC)

Impact on Equity & Inclusion


Enrollment of first generation graduates


Enrollment of Underrepresented and Marginalized Groups


Enrolled women in the workforce


Aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our Achievements Since 2018

Our mission is to spread prosperity through purpose and compassion

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A business will go as far as its people will make it. The more healthy and engaged your people are, the farther your business will go.

- Kim Horton

This is a creative use of a digital platform. Companies’ promotion of volunteer activities is a real positive for employees. That was certainly the case at Home Depot. I think increasingly companies will want to develop a program that helps employees reduce their student loan debt.

- Frank Blake
Former CEO Home Depot

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Shared Harvest has launched the myCovidMD™ initiative. Our skills-based volunteers are providing testing and vaccinations for communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

Learn how you and your workforce can get involved by clicking here.